Original burlap sculptures of
historical and natural figures.
  • Religious theme
  • Native American
  • Historical
  • Wildlife

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    Meet the Artist

    Oklahoma Artist Scott Warden with original "Crown of Thorns" burlap depictions of the suffering Christ.

    Scott with an original burlap depiction of Native American theme.

    Scott with an original burlap depiction of Nature & Animal themes.

    Scott puts the finishing touches on "The Teacher."  It is another of his original works inspired by his first sculpture depiction of the suffering Messiah, "Crown of Thorns."

    About the Artist

    Hi, my name is Scott Warden. I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma.   I currently live and work in the beautiful surroundings of Grand Lake in Disney, OK.   The idea of sculpting with burlap came to me in 1995.  It was as if a gift that was given to me since I enjoy all forms of art.   In using my hands with a raw material such as burlap I find it incredible that I can express myself in such a way.   The Christ head with Crown of Thorns has certainly been a driving force in my art.  Within a few days of working in burlap I found myself envisioning a Christ head as a few strands of burlap fell across the face on which I was working.  It is such a simple yet driving inspiration to express my faith in Jesus in this way.  The artistic blessing this has brought to me is wonderful, but the joy of sharing it with other Christians is most important.  If my efforts are to witness for Christ, how could a man be more fulfilled!

    Scott Warden

    To contact Scott Warden or place an order,
    Please call   918-747-5604
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